Toy Camera Art - Split Cam & Holga Published

I am happy to announce that some of my photographic work has been publish in a book on toy cameras entitled "Toy Cameras - Creative Photos" This book features all the best toy cameras with 42 contributing artists including myself.  If you are interested in a copy they are available on the authors site signed or for a low price on amazon. Check out this flip book video of the publication:

I have three images in the publication, including the feature image for the Split-Cam.

Double Tree
Electric Castle
Hillside Living 2

Double Tree - Split Cam Electric Castle - Holga Hillside Living - Split Cam

Photo & Fine Art Prints for sale at Shadow Art Fair

I'm selling some of my Photos and Fine Art Prints at the upcoming Shadow Art Fair on Saturday July 10th. The shadow art fair takes place at the Corner Brewery in Ypsilanti, Mi from Noon to Midnight.  Come on down and buy some of my work.  I'll have prints available in sizes ranging from 5x5 inches all the way to 12x12 inches in a massive frame.  In addition to the many archival Giclée prints there will be 4 special double exposed Polaroids for sale too. All my work is signed on the back of the print, or on the matte.

Below is a sample of some of the work I will have for sale on Saturday. If you can't make the shadow art fair, but are interested in buying a print please contact me.

Flowers for NASA
green bars - Free Texture
Paper Sky House
Hillside Living 2
NASA Remix Project - Call to Action!
Rockets for Giraffes
Snow Tires
Old Red Bike
winter power lines
Moon Helmet
Multi Self 2
Unanswered Questions
Four Broken Windows
The New Face of Reason
Argo Bridge 1
Hut on the Hill