Four Corners from liberty - Pop X 2016

This video presents a modified version of the 4-channel, site-specific video installation FOUR CORNERS FROM LIBERTY created by artists Donald Harrison and Martin Thoburn for POP-X 2016, presented by the Ann Arbor Art Center. This installation, featuring 12 different modes of transportation, ran from September 22 – October 1, 2016 in downtown Ann Arbor's Liberty Plaza:

4 Screens all in sync

For the on-site installation version, each video channel was presented inside a 10'x10' pavilion on a 47" video monitor pointed in the corresponding direction of that specific video (e.g., the northwest route was facing northwest inside the pavilion). Corresponding audio from each video pointed to the center of the pavilion. The stated goal of this piece was to transport POP‐X attendees simultaneously in four directions through space + time through the City of Ann Arbor to its borders.

Behind the Scenes

Highlights of the 4-channel video and audio art installation.

360 Video from inside the pavilion

A unique first person view of the video installation, most similar to how viewers would perceived he installation. Neve being able to see all four screens at once, but instead forced to move around and change their gaze.

The Team:
Donald Harrison ( & Martin Thoburn (
Super Tech Hero Support: Tom Bray
Quadcopter Pilot & eSkater: Rik Cordero
Paddle Boarder: Shoshana Hurand
Dog Walker: Mary Thieffels (with Moose)
Thanks to the generous technical support of our sponsors:
The TV Warehouse (
Leon Speakers (