Bodies and Beast iOS app. (no longer available)

Bodies and Beast iOS app. (no longer available)

Bodies And Beats App

After over a year of planning and production, the bodies and beats app is finally available.

Based on the Video Installation Exquisite Motion Corpse.

This has been an ongoing collaboration with Chris Sandon and myself.  It all started when we Chris had an idea of how to use some old TVs.  Shortly after that we created an video installation known as Exquisite Motion Corpse debut at the 50th Ann Arbor Film Festival.  That quickly evolved into a Kickstarter Campagin to develop an app based on the original art installed.  And now Bodies and Beats is here!

Thanks to all of our 104 backers who donated to our Kickstarter Campagin.  Without their support this app would have never happened.  Also extra big thanks to Mux Mool, Mogi Grumbes, Sun Hammer, Beautiful Bells and JDSY for donating music to the Kickstarter album (download zip here) and music loops for the app!  Also extra big thanks to Adam E. Hunt who jumped in and helped contribute his skills to the project.

The app is no longer available on the app store.

Check out the official Kickstarter page!

In my never ending pursuit to try something new, I'm working on a new iOS app called "bodies and beats"  to help fund the project we are launching a kickstarter for the project.  The video says it all!

The App: Bodies and Beats turns you into a digital mashup artist. Create your own video collages set to beats, and then change the elements with a touch of your finger to discover something new. This iOS app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch is inspired by our original interactive video installation, Exquisite Motion Corpse.

How it Works: Build your body! Pick from a video catalog of body segments – from the surreal to the hilarious – all accompanied by unique beats and sound effects from musicians like Mux Mool, Mogi Grumbles, JDSY and Brael. Mix and remix the elements to create something crazy, something funny, something weird.

You control the video speed, with half-time and double-time controls. Or randomize the video clips to discover new combinations.

Backstory: Our original four-channel video installation features a life-sized tower of screens controlled with a podium-mounted touchscreen. Users swap body segments synced to a beat clock.