Cyber criminals are working hard to steal your passwords!   That is where duo security comes in, providing easy to use and the most secure two-factor authentication on the market.  This animation tells the story and explains product in a quick fun animated way.

I learned a lot about character animation in after effects with this project.  It was the first time I fully explored the DuDuf IK tools.  These great free scripts allow your to Rig a character with IK handles connected in combination with the puppet tool.  This allows of realistic distortion of joins and easy workflow for animating any type of body movement involving legs and arms.  No more complicated walk cycles or jumps.  Its easy to loop your animations with simple expressions when you have a movement cycle the repeats.

You can download a sample project file of the fully rigged character below.  You don't need to have DuDuf IK tools installed to view and play with these After Effects Files.