Duo in Space: Pushing the Boundary

In summer of 2016 during DEF CON 24, the a few folks at Duo Security traveled to the Mojave Desert to launch a tricked-out weather balloon in pursuit of the first two-factor authentication push from the boundary of space. In our documentary Duo in Space: Pushing the Boundary, find out what the heck we were thinking, learn about the tech behind the project, and see how the launch fared. As Sr. Media Manger at Duo. Martin oversaw the video production of the entire Duo in Space project, and help shoot and produce the documentary and livestream in collaboration with Duo Labs.

The Documentry

Stardate 2016.223: Our intrepid Duonauts traveled to the wilds of the Mojave, with a weather balloon, a crapton of electronics, and a dream. So how did the launch fare?

On-Board Camera

In this previously unreleased video, follow the Auth Zeppelin's journey and get some amazing (and sometimes dizzying) views of Earth from the perspective of the four on-board cameras. 

The Big Show (livestream)

Look back at Duo in Space's live stream during DEF CON 24, from assembling the vessel and communication gear, to filling and launching the balloon, to the chase and retrieval... and a special appearance from a bag of mango snacks.