LED Telephone

LED Telephone is an interactive art installation that was featred in the Lobby of the Michigan Theater durring the 2015 Ann Arbor Film Festival.

Making the Sign

The process involved hacking an old backlit Telephone sign and solder a bunch of RGB LEDs together and controlling them with a DMX controller via Resolume. The entire project was a big experiemtent where I learned a lot about new workflows and techniques. As a result I created a tutorial on how to Map LED circle fixtures as part of the outcome of the project.

53 Ann Arbor Film Festival

Interactive version setup at the film festival. Visuals were synced to music over headphones and not present in this video.

Mapping LED Lights with Resolume

With Resolume Arena 5 you can now controlled LED fixture via the DMX protocol. The type of LED fixtures. I custom soldered LED strips on the back of this TELEPHONE sign and this time-lapse is me configuring all the letters to light up properly.