It all started when I participated in Many Voices…

My latest film entitled "Words Tend to be Inadequate" was create for the Many Voices project for the University of Michigan Museum of Art ( UMMA for short.)  The project featured more than a dozen members of our community—ages 14–59 and including high school and undergraduate UM students, recent UM graduates, artists, musicians, teachers, and community leaders—participated in the Many Voices at UMMA project creating new films inspired by works of art in our collection.

I had the honor of being one of the Mentors for the project, overseeing the production process for LilikToko, and Collin.   All of whom produced amazing animated work, that were an inspiration to the group!  Many thanks to Doanld Harrison and Sharad Petel for bringing me on board.  I had a great time being part of yet another great local collaboration!

See all the films on the official Vimeo Channel.