Install the Apple ProRES codec without Final Cut or ProApps

Thanks to the very old forum discussion over at Creative Cow.  I was able to install the Apple ProRES codec for quicktime without installing Final Cut X or Final Cut Studio.  I'm sorry apple, but I abandoned Final Cut years ago.  However my new capture card the Black Magic Intensity Extreme can only capture in Uncompressed or PDX.  To use ProRES requires that you have a ProApp like Final Cut X, Final Cut Pro or Motion installed.  I still think ProRES is the best working video codec around, especially for Mac, but I don't want Final Cut on my computer! Install Instructions:

There is a workaround however.  First start by downloading the ProApp codec update direct from the apple website.  If you don't have a ProApp installed on the computer the update won't work.However using the unpkg software created by timdoug you can extract the codec files and install them manually by moving them into the appropriate library folder.


Move the following files to: /Mackintosh HD/Library/Quicktime/


and some more files to /Mackintosh HD/Library/Video/Professional Video Workflow Plug-Ins


After that the Codecs will show up in any app the uses the Quicktime Codec library and can be used in programs like Media Express.



Note:  that Adobe CC (creative cloud) on OS X 10.8 or 10.9 does not require the quicktime codec or ProApp to export ProRes via After Effects or Adobe Media Encoder, since the OS X has the codec installed in the system level, however older applications still require the quicktime components and therefor this workaround is necessary.